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Expect me to arrive with comfy clothes on and my long hair pulled back: it's all about getting those perfect moments at the blink of an eye and I have been known to shoot upside down, under moving objects and crawling through dirt and grass. Those are times I get my best shots.

You are free to bring as many outfits as you would like to change into. Bring clothes that are YOU, clothes that are fun, funky and fabulous! Bring props, have fun with your hair and makeup.

My sessions with you will run 2 hours. I will shoot around 500 pictures during that time. After, I will go through them and pick out about 60-70 that are the best, and will enhance. I will put these proof pictures on-line for you to view and show off to friends and family.

From there, you can decide what, if anything, you would like to purchase. Please click on the "Pricing and Options" line to see your choices.

It will be a FUN experience!

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